The Land of Motors, known all over the world for its automotive sector, the museums and all the services it provides to circuits and sports competitions, but also rich in cultural background and traditions, that make it a unique and authentic region.
Our journey will allow us to learn more, see more, speed more, leaving us with a panoramic overview of this great land.


areMotorvalley is the world capital of motorsports. Ferrari headquarters are based in Maranello, Maserati in Modena, Pagani in San Cesario, and, until a few years ago, the Bugatti in Campogalliano. Not far from the province of Modena, there is Ducati in Borgo Panigale and Lamborghini in Sant’Agata Bolognese. It is possible to organize visits to their museums and establishments, without losing the opportunity to drive on the road or on the track at the Modena Autodrome, located a few kilometers from the center. Through our tactical partners you will be able to drive a supercar like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini in a real automotive circuit.
At TourSport we are specialized in creating unique and exclusive moments based on engines, healthy fun and relax.


Try the best food and wine products of our region. Travelers all over the world come to Emilia Romagna for a wonderful tasting experience to discover all its flavors. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the secrets of the production of the traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena while visiting some ‘Acetaia’ that give you their best vinegar to taste.
Participate on the tastings of Lambrusco at the most famous cellars. Have dinner on the vineyards that on summer evenings become a unique and magical experience. And let’s not forget about the rest of our products known all over the world: the typical cured meats and cheeses of the territory, with Parmiggiano Reggiano in the lead; the Nocino; our traditional handmade pasta, including the famous Tortellini; and honey. All of which are important pieces of a peasant, yet unforgettable cuisine.


The MotorValley and its hills are a picturesque landscape that will mesmerize you. The Streets of Grasparossa, rich in itineraries to be followed by the long rows of vines that enhance the beauty of the area. The paths that wind along the ridges, along the streams, where you can discover historical buildings, ancient buildings and of particular impact the majestic hills of Calanchi. And how not to mention the Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine Della Salute of Puianello located southwest of Levizzano di Castelvetro, a cycling destination and from where you can admire one of the largest and most beautiful views of the Modena plain.


Are you coming with someone that’s not so interested on the cycling rides? We have you covered. We can take you or your companion to the best shops and prestigious brands outlets, an excellent opportunity to take a walk through the streets of the centers of the main cities of northern Italy. There are numerous shops and outstanding gastronomic stores with the best Italian specialties where you can go shopping. You can also make a journey through historic shops that have kept signs and antique furniture up to the downtown covered markets, such as the famous Albinelli Market in Modena, a recognized monument of national and historical interest.


Between Art, History and Culture

We can define it as a circuit of traditions and engines, of passion for the creative gastronomy and technology, where nature brings to us good food and landscapes in a totally magical atmosphere.

Places to visit 
Maranello Where the myth of speed combined with local traditions preserve treasures of love for nature and the most advanced technology. It is the place where the tale of the Prancing Horse is told, with its complex of buildings, the Museum, the Enzo Ferrari Auditorium, the MABIC library, the Castle and the church of San Biagio that rings its bells every time the Ferrari Team wins a race, the monuments, the Fiorano race track, and much more.
A few kilometers away from Maranello, one can find the beautiful baroque Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine del Castello, which over time has become an important place of pilgrimage.
Castelvetro. If you want to take a dip in the Renaissance era, Castelvetro is famous for its castle festival held in the Borgo Antigo’s Chess Square, the Renaissance-themed parties and the yearly famous real-life chess game between the Rangoni and the Montecuccoli Marquises.
Also famous is the Castle of Levizzano with the Torre Matildica and the Bishops rooms, with evocative fresco paintings on its ceilings.
Modena. Among the most beloved and significant monuments one can find the impressive Duomo, by the great architect Lanfranco and the master sculptor Wiligelmo. Next to it, there is the Ghirlandina Tower one of the greatest masterpieces of the European Romanesque World Heritage; The Palazzo Ducale not far from the Ghirlandina, by Bartolomeo Avanzini, where today the prestigious Military Academy is located; the Estense Gallery, one of the oldest and most important National Galleries of Italy where the Estense Family’s artistic heritage is exhibited in a collection of at least 300 paintings, sculptures, musical instruments, coins, prints and drawings. From a more recent era, the Museum of Figurine inside the Palazzo Santa Margherita, where the collection of Giuseppe Panini is exhibited, a collection of thousands of small antique prints in color; the MEF Museo Enzo Ferrari inaugurated in March 2012, dedicated to Enzo Ferrari that hosts the Casa Natale and a new exhibition gallery that tells Modena’s motoring story; MATA, which is located inside the old tobacco factory that was completely restored to house the Photographic Foundation expositions. A few kilometers away from Modena, there is Casa Museo Luciano Pavarotti, the residence where the artist spent the last years of his life, and that is now a museum dedicated to preserve his memory.


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